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Broke my iPhone!

ARGH! My brand new iPhone somehow popped out of the belt holster and landed (of course) on the concrete, fracturing the (glass!) screen. Not the LCD, mind you, just the glass cover over the LCD.

How ironic: Apple had a big press release shortly before the phone was announced trumpeting how they'd improved the screen by making it some fancy grade of glass. Big mistake, Apple. Plastic please, not glass. Don't "Think different", instead "Think STURDY". Cell phones get dropped and taken places even laptops don't go (speaking of which, you need to make your laptops sturdier too; go back to whoever designed the PowerBook G3 units and fire Jon Ive!)

I've had three other cell phones over the last decade or more of cell phone use, all Motorola phones (as MicroTAC, a StarTAC, and a RAZR). I've dropped them all, even on concrete and never had a single problem. I FELL on the RAZR on a bed of rocks outside my back door and it didn't even leave a noticeable scratch! The only "breakage" I ever had was the StarTAC which had a flimsy extensible antenna that always broke off. I replaced it with a screw-on stub antenna after the 2nd or 3rd time and never had another problem.

Apple will fix it, to the tune of $270. Best I can tell, all that's broken is the glass cover and there's a concrete scuff mark or two. The rest of the phone works fine and seems to have survived a 3 foot drop to concrete totally fine. So it's PRETTY sturdy, but that glass screen and chrome need a rethink. PLASTIC and FLEXY, lose the chrome and glass (lose the chrom on the back of the iPod hard disk units too - make the hard disk units look like big Nanos, Apple!)

I love the iPhone, it's far, far, far more useful than my RAZR or older cell phones, it (of course) has a cell phone interface that's been "done right".

But the hardware needs to be more sturdy and less pretty. Or better yet, BOTH. Hey, it's Apple, they can probably do that! (Us Apple-holics are a demanding lot, aren't we!)

Photos and some form of this opinion will be sent to Macintouch (www.macintouch.com) the premiere Mac news and info web site at some point soom, if I have time.


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Jul. 26th, 2007 02:47 pm (UTC)
ARGH!!! Very annoying!!! Grrrrrr...
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